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Why Train with Resilience Through Fitness?


Completely Personalized, Career Specific, Fitness and Nutrition Programming


Multiple Fitness and Nutrition Certifications 


Affordable All-Inclusive Pricing Plans 


Portion of all RTF Gear Sales Donated to Support Foundations 


1-on-1 Coaching

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Why RTF?

As a police officer with over 10 years experience both on the road and as a detective, I know the challenges you face in your careers. From long hours with your duty belt, shift work combined with irregular sleep cycles and daily cortisol spikes and lows as a result of the calls for service you must endure. 

Who is RTF best suited for?

Anyone can train with RTF! Whether you're a first responder, shift worker or leading a busy life, RTF will keep you consistent! You will receive a high level of personalization, progress tracking and accountability to ensure you're success. 

Whether you train at a globo gym, departments small gym or have a small home gym set up, we can build a program for you! 

Program Prices

We are proud to offer an all inclusive pricing list. Whether you have a question about your training day or questions on your nutrition, there's no extra charge per contact with coach! All clients receive app access for training and video consultations for a seamless process! 

Academy Prep Package: ($100/month) 

Fitness Only Package: ($135/month)

Nutrition Only Package: ($135/month)

Fitness and Nutrition Package: ($189/month) - 30% Discount!

My Journey to Resiliency

Learn more about my personal journey to a more resilient life. 

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Jenn T.

"Deven has been my personal trainer for the past 6 months. I am a first responder and it’s helpful for me to have a trainer that understands the toll that frontline response and shift work have on my body. Deven tailors my workouts to fit my shift work schedule and is flexible with my training requirements. I play lacrosse and he made me a pre-season training program. In off season he tailors my program to my job requirements. I live in a different province than Deven but I feel he’s more involved in my training than personal trainers I’ve worked with that live in my city. Deven was also very flexible when I had to take a brief leave from work to manage the stress on my nervous system from working as a first responder. During my time off we worked on life style changes and fitness that would not add additional stress to my nervous system. The app that I use to access my workouts is easy to use and has demo videos. I would highly recommend Deven as a trainer!"


At Resilience Through Fitness, our focus is on helping our clients achieve a healthier lifestyle, inside and outside the gym. 

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Customized Remote Fitness Training Packages

Crossfit Competition

Academy Prep Packs

Nutrition Food

Nutrition Coaching

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Sleep, Stress and Recovery Coaching

Fully customized to each client's daily life. Whether you're a first responder or a civilian, we build a complete fitness package for you!

Thinking about a career in law enforcement or already in the process? We know what you need to do to be successful and have compiled fitness standards from around North America to make sure you're adequately prepared to crush the test!

One-On-One nutrition coaching that will ensure you succeed! 

Add this to your fitness package and save.

Our bodies endure stress off and on throughout every single day. 


Understanding how all aspects of life can affect everyday wellness is the focus of this package.


Lets optimize your recovery!

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RTF Gear Locker

A portion of our gear sales are donated back to first responder support organizations. 

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