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Deven - Owner of RTF

CF-L1 / PN1-SSR / PN L1

On June 12th 2022, after 9 years of policing, I was involved in a traumatic incident while on duty. A career in policing was everything I had worked towards for years, the incident caused me to feel a loss of purpose. 


Through my recovery, I used fitness and a variety of healthy lifestyle choices to aid in my full return to duty. Using fitness training to compliment the psychological and medical treatments I received accelerated my journey back to homeostasis.


"Resilience Through Fitness" was born out of this journey. It's a median to help first responders and the general public achieve their full potential.

I understand the challenges facing first responders. As a certified nutrition sleep, stress and recovery coach, I can get you the results you want at the gym while still being able to perform at work. 

We are fully online with 1-on-1 coaching with full app integration to make training a seamless process. 

Lets do this! 


Build Your Resilience Today

RTF Gear Locker

We are proud to be a fully first responder owned and operated company! 

A portion of our gear sales are donated back to first responder support organizations. 

#repyourresilience today!


Rep Your Resilience 

At RTF, we are all about community, supporting each other and building a more resilient future. 


Snap a photo of you wearing your RTF gear, tag us on social media, use #repyourresilience and receive points towards discount codes! 


At Resilience Through Fitness, our focus is on helping our clients achieve a healthier lifestyle, inside and outside the gym. 


Customized Remote Fitness Training Packages

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Academy Prep Packs

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Nutrition Coaching


Sleep, Stress and Recovery Coaching

Fully customized to each client's daily life. Whether you're a first responder or a civilian, we build a complete fitness package for you!

Thinking about a career in law enforcement or already in the process? We know what you need to do to be successful and have compiled fitness standards from around North America to make sure you're adequately prepared to crush the test!

One-On-One nutrition coaching that will ensure you succeed! 

Add this to your fitness package and save $150. 

Our bodies endure stress off and on throughout every single day. 


Understanding how all aspects of life can affect everyday wellness is the focus of this package.


Lets optimize your recovery!

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