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My Journey to Resiliency

Bar Muscle Up First since incident
Owner and Founder of Resilience Through Fitness


On June 12th 2022, after 9 years of policing, I was involved in a traumatic incident while on duty. A career in policing was everything I had worked towards for years, the incident caused me to feel a loss of purpose. 


Through my recovery, I used fitness and a variety of healthy lifestyle choices to aid in my full return to duty. Using fitness training to compliment the psychological and medical treatments I received accelerated my journey back to homeostasis.


"Resilience Through Fitness" was born out of this journey. It's a median to help first responders and the general public achieve their full potential.

I understand the challenges facing first responders. As a certified nutrition, sleep, stress and recovery coach with specialization in athletic nutrition, I can get you the results you want at the gym while still being able to perform at work. 

We are fully online with 1-on-1 coaching with full app integration to make training a seamless process. 

Lets build your resilience together, complete the contact form below!

Deven Kennedy

CF-L1 / PN1-SSR / PN L1 / PN1-NC

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